Developer & Designer

I'm Alexander Lloyd - a UI designer and front-end developer residing and working in the creative and cultural hub that is Barcelona, Catalonia.

Originally hailing from the birthplace of the industrial revolution - the West Midlands, UK. After 10 years residence in Madrid, I decided to open in a new chapter in my career and live in the Catalan capital. During my time in Spain, I have worked for various marketing and graphic design agencies, this, self-training and the courses I have taken, have given me the experience and knowledge to take on challenging and ambitious projects.

Design and UX is my profession and passion. I always strive to be up to date with the latest tendencies and technologies. If you're looking for someone who cares for detail and for the needs of his clients, then drop me a line! I guarantee slick design, well crafted, effective design systems and robustly built web architectures.